Our fantastic contributors!

We would like to sincerely thank all contributors to the Lighting Up Waverley campaign.  We have currently raised over $25,000 with further pledges over 2018-2019 taking the contributions over $40,000.  Contributors include:

Bareetu Aba-Bulgu

Adams Family

Ashton Family

Alan Ballard

Brooks Family

Burrowes Family

Jeremy Chan

Nick & Claire Eddy

Russell & Heidi Ford

Gerling Family

Hansen & Gonez Family

Antony Green

Griffiths-Hunt Family

Hunter Family

Lamb Family

Practical Filtration Solutions (www.practicalfiltration.com.au)

Mowat Family

Oxley Family

Stacey Family

B&K Thompson Family

Ann Badger

Brett Badger

Roger Andrews