Player sponsorship

We are actively encouraging all players in Premier League and Premier League Reserves to obtain a Player Sponsor. The cost of the sponsorship will be $275 including GST.

Benefits for the sponsor

The benefits to the sponsor include:

  • Access to a membership base of over 500 people and a larger pool of parents and other supporters
  • Prominent display with a picture of all players and their player sponsor in the Waverley Hockey Club clubrooms
  • Acknowledgment of the sponsorship on the Waverley Hockey Club website
  • Invitation to a sponsors function during a Premier League Home Day
  • Waverley Hockey Club stubby holder
  • Also, although we are prohibited from providing tax “advice” to the potential sponsors, the cost will be tax deductible for companies and eligible for a GST credit so the real cost to them is only $175 (at the company tax rate of 30%).
Benefit for the player

What does the player get out of the effort? Out of the $275 sponsorship, the player will receive an amount to go towards their costs of playing hockey which brings the Premier League/Premier League Reserves cost to the same rate as the Pennant/Metro rate for the equivalent membership. The other amount goes towards funding the costs associated with the sponsorship board, the sponsors function and the club merchandise and the remainder goes into the sponsorship revenue for the club.

How to get a sponsor?

We understand that asking someone to be a sponsor can be something that is foreign to a lot of people. However, you should feel confident in the fact that we have a product that appeals to a wide audience with a large membership base and a wider community of parents and supporters that attend games and the Clubrooms. For an after-tax cost of $175, most companies probably only need 1 or 2 extra sales to come out on top from the arrangement.

Potential sponsors could come from a lot of different avenues, including:

  • Your employer
  • Family and friends
  • Businesses local to your home
  • Business local to the hockey club
Why should they sponsor you?

What information apart from the points above can you provide to potential sponsors apart from the general Club information? You can have a list of your achievements including:

  • Any junior and senior state representation
  • Playing history at Waverley and premierships you have been involved in
  • Any volunteer activity you do at the club
  • Leadership positions held within the team
  • Position you play on the field and your importance to the team
Next Steps

If you have attained a player sponsorship, please email through the following details to Roger Andrews at and Elliot Kitchingman at

  • Player Name
  • Company name
  • Company logo
  • Company contact
  • Company postal address
  • Company contact email address
  • Company contact phone number