Ball Girl / Boy Duty Guide

Use this link to sign up for your ball girl / boy duty spot:
What & When

Junior teams (U14 & U16) to support Men`s and Women`s Premier League (not Reserves) home games by providing ball girl & ball boy resources.

Who & Responsibilities

Roster Co-ordinator:

  • Will setup the roster of when ball girl / boy duty is required based on HV fixtures.
  • Will assign a team to each game (girls to the women’s matches, boys to the men’s matches).
  • Will send roster with assigned teams to games, to all U14 Team Managers so they can ask for individual volunteers.
  • Notes down individual names, received from Team Managers, to the games
  • Note: only U14 teams are to be rostered on, U10 & U12 players are considered too young to undertake this activity. Many U16s are also playing seniors so they are generally not rostered.
  • Note: 4 girls and 4 boys are needed for each game.
  • Note: Waverley home ground games only unless advised.

Team Manager:

  • Will work with the Roster Co-ordinator to ensure each team does volunteer to support the ball girl / boys duties as assigned.
  • Will email all volunteer names to the Roster Co-ordinator in advance so that a full list for the season is available to the club
  • It is the Team Manager`s responsibility to work out who is covering and how this is shared across the team.
  • It is also the Team Manager`s responsibility to remind volunteers in the lead up to their volunteering slot (eg.. remind them via email or text).

Ball girl / boy duty includes:

  • Arriving at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the game
  • All Ball girls/boys MUST wear shin pads, mouth guard & ball girl/boy vest.
  • All Ball girls/boys ill be advised by the Premier League Team Manager which end they are to look after and they should take their steer from the Team Manager throughout the game.
  • After the game finishes all Ball Kids are entitled to a FREE drink & chocolate bar from the canteen. There will be a list at the canteen so they can get their name marked off to collect their items.